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In the year 1620, in a place now called Plymouth, two cultures came face to face. Two groups of people eyed each other warily. They explored how they were different, and how they were the same. In a combination of hope, fear, and good will, they decided to cooperate for their mutual benefit.

The story of the “Pilgrims,” and of the Wampanoag people who greeted them, has become part of the mythology of America. How much of it is true? How has it shaped the world we live in today? What can we learn from the experience of the Wampanoag and English? This concept is experiential and is designed to appeal audiences of all ages and knowledge levels.

Plymouth: 1620-2020 is presented by Plymouth 400, Inc., and developed with resources from Plimoth Plantation, Pilgrim Hall Museum, the Plymouth Antiquarian Society, and the Wampanoag Nation.